Services & Prices

Therapeutic Massage

30 mins: $70 | 60 mins: $95 | 90 mins: $135

Bring balance back to the body with this eclectic massage sequence designed to lengthen muscle fibres, realign fascia, clear toxins and relax body, mind and soul. This is a general massage using a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Remedial, Hot Stone Therapy and Reflexology. A deeply nurturing experience. The pressure used is up to you. It can be firm, gentle, or both!

Remedial Massage

30 mins: $70 | 60 mins: $95 | 90 mins: $135

This treatment is designed to relieve pain and dysfunction from weak/tight/strained muscles, and postural imbalances. Usually only specific areas are worked. “Home Work” may be advised in the form of specific stretches for tight areas of concern or strength building exercises for weakened muscles.

Pregnancy Massage

60 mins: $95 | 90 mins: $135

During pregnancy a mother’s body undergoes many changes which can cause her discomfort. Massage assists with these changes, as it helps to: increase lymphatic flow (assisting in the removal of metabolic wastes), improves circulation, helps to decrease the strain felt by the joints and muscles caused by increasing weight gain, helps to alleviate low back pain, Sciatica, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, foot discomfort and improves emotional wellbeing. Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy.

Hot Stone Therapy

60 mins: $130

Made popular by the Hawaiians, the use of hot stones massaged on the body is deeply relaxing but also remedial. The heat of the rocks softens muscle tissue and assists in the dilation of the blood vessels. This enables the exchange of nutrients and metabolic wastes to occur more rapidly. Used in both Therapeutic and Remedial massage but also as a treatment on their own. First, nourishing coconut oil is applied to the skin, and then the body is massaged with the heated stones.

Lymphatic Drainage

75 mins: $110

This gentle treatment is designed to assist the body’s Lymphatic System (a crucial part of the immune system) by manually stimulating the lymph nodes that sit just under the skin, helping to relieve the puffiness of fluid retention. It can also benefit other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue and stress. A surprisingly relaxing yet powerful massage.


60 mins: $95

Not just a foot massage! There are reflexes in your feet that correspond with every organ within your body. Begins with a foot cleanse then the reflexes are worked to bring harmony to your entire being.

Upper Body Massage

60 mins: $95

The Office Worker who sits in front of a computer all day or the Headache Sufferer needing relief, this is a great treatment created especially for you. It focuses on the upper body and includes an indulgent head massage.